WelcOme to my Swagtastic Webpage!!

hey i'm worm. i dont really know how to code, because i'm an artist instead. i hope you enjoy your stay anyways, i tried my best!
this will contain commission information, some of my favorite characters, my social media links, and free resources that i have created!

this is, obviously, a wip :) if you want to check out my stuff in the meantime, i'm at this tumblr account!

everybody do the hampter dance


one green jellybean down in my bellybean. giving me a tummy ache what am i gonna take. all my firends are telling me theyve got a remedy. don't eat the green one tap your head. i odont know what to put in this box yet lol...... but i think i wanty the box to go down to the lengsth of around where the images are.
i guess around here
or here